The Nicky McCourt name is exclusive and work, original. Yet, the only view that matters is yours:

The wedders we chose were extremely important to us, as they form a part of our very own dynasty one day. Browsing through the gorgeous range of jewellery online with Nicky McCourt left no doubt about their quality. That they’re not commonly worn by others is also very appealing

- Ashley & Fiona Jurberg, Burwood, Victoria

With so many attributes influencing the value of a diamond, it was good searching for diamonds online and learning the basics. Yet there's nothing quite like being able to talk to an expert on the telephone and face to face. Having someone to listen to our preferences (and comparing a number of stones) made all the difference

- Tim & Marija Wright, Everton Park, Queensland

We’re so glad we chose Nicky McCourt to handmake our engagement ring and wedders. They’re exquisite and original. Nicky took all the time to listen and confirm the designs we wished to achieve, and it really shows

- Mark & Sharon Harvey, Annerley, Queensland