Why Choose Nicky McCourt?

1. Every Nicky McCourt piece tells a different story - your story.
Your jewellery reflects your tastes. The only view that matters is yours and as Nicky McCourt diamonds and designer jewellery is exclusive, it makes wearing beautiful jewellery even more special.

2. People gravitate to experts.
Whether you choose from our exclusive range online or custom design your own, you speak to an expert jeweller, not a trained salesperson.

3. People do business with people they like.
Despite years of jewellery design & manufacture experience within Australia and Europe, we innovate by listening first. It makes a difference.

4. Our diamonds are "Certificated".
Only diamonds with the highest quality characteristics (4Cs) and 'certificated' for authenticity, by the most reputable independent testing laboratories internationally, are carried by Nicky McCourt Jewellery.

5. by Appointment Only.
Not being a retail shop means we can spend as long as it takes to finalise your design, metals, stones, proportions, weight and finish over the telephone and face to face in our studio.

To view our diamonds and jewellery in person, Make an appointment. Or call to make your purchase.

Make Your Own Engagement Ring

To create your very own ring is simple. Just follow these steps...

1. Know the design you wish to achieve.
Your jewellery will form a part of your very own inheritance, so visit a jewellery trade fair, speak to a designer or subscribe to acclaimed magazines to ensure it reflects your tastes.

2. Use the right metals and diamonds.
Use metals that are more malleable as they can be heated to higher temperatures and bent into shape with less stress and wastage. Certify your diamonds with reputable testing laboratories.

3. Use the right tools.
To flatten, lengthen and arc your metal to within +/- 0.01mm precision we suggest dual-pin rollers. Use an oxy torch to heat, forge and shape your metal, a saw-frame with adjustable blades and light-gauge pliers to saw-pierce settings, an Ultrasonic for cleaning and a polishing wheel for a crisp finish.

4. Practice handcrafting techniques.
It takes many years to complete a jewellery apprenticeship and more to perfect your technique, yet to some idea, read sections of "Jewellery: Concepts & Technology" by Oppi Untracht. It might cost $650 and consist of 806 pages, yet it took 10 years to compile, covers historic, ethnic and contemporary work done by 300 jewellers from 26 countries and grouped under particular technical processes.

Alternatively, browse through our range online and choose the ones you like, or Make an appointment to custom design one at our studio.